The Colorado Business Roundtable is instrumental in bringing businesses and individuals together to work on issues that matter for our city, our state and the world.

This week, we have two great guests.

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First, is Michelle Warren, Mountain West Consultant for Bibles Badges Business Network for the National Immigration Forum. Together we discuss the aspects of community that come together to promote effective immigration reform. Bibles, represents the church communities, who know some immigrant struggles first-hand. Badges, refers to law enforcement, who have a special perspective, seeing the impact of families separated by immigration laws. Business weighs in with views from employment law and workforce issues.

For more information on immigration reform, join the COBRT for a special roundtable event Monday, January 26th for two events with Ali Noorani, National Director of the Immigration Forum

10:00AM at the South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce on University and Arapahoe.

2:00 PM at the Aurora Chamber of Commerce

ICOSA Media will provide a live stream presentation of our press conference at 1:30 on Monday afternoon. Just go to to access the live stream window.

Gustavo the-book-300x300Stay for the final segment for our second guest, as Vistage Chair, Pat Maley introduces us to Gustavo Grodnitzky, speaker and author of “Climate Trumps Everything”. Gustavo is an expert on integrating different generations in the workforce, what motivates them and how to best facilitate four generations working together.

Listen as Gustavo explains the generational differences, and how to understand the factors to recruit and retrain Generation Y employees, and create one culture for every generation

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