Water is our most precious resource, however limited it may be. Particularly so in Colorado, where water is most abundant where people are scarce, and scarce where people are more abundant. Thus begins the battle over water rights, where to accumulate it, which communities get it, and how to distribute water between agriculture and utilities. Fortunately, both the people and the pundits of this state, do their best to work together to solve water issues.

James Eklund considers these issues every day, as the Director of the Colorado Water Conservation Board. This week, he shares the state’s concerns and proposed solutions. He acknowledges that eighteen down-water states depend on Colorado for their share of water, and we have a responsibility to supply them while also providing sufficient water for our own state’s needs.

We will also talk with Representative J. Paul Brown of District 59, about his agenda for this legislative session, including water rights issues for the Western Slope.

If you’re interested in contributing to the larger conversation about water rights, join the Colorado Business Roundtable along with additional, important sponsors for the South Metro Denver: Water Summit, Thursday April 9th at the Lone Tree Arts Center:

Water Summit



Laura Frigo.jpgWe also have guest, Laura Frigo, Executive Director of the Chamber of the Americas Foundation on Denver’s international impact. Laura is newly appointed to create new micro-development programming and build relationships between U.S. companies and institutions, and their partners abroad. Laura has an impressive international background, and experience living, working and researching in both Mexico and Brazil. We are excited to learn more from Laura about the connections to be formed from Denver, internationally.

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