When Jose Medina was fatally hit by a hit and run driver in January of 2011, a taxi driver who saw the crime, followed the car for as long as he could. The day before, that cab driver received Taxis On Patroltraining, which instructed drivers what to observe and report, to help investigators solve such crimes. Because he could track the make, model and license plate number, authorities knew who they were looking for, got the word out, and the pilot of the plane she was on to escape extradition, grounded the plane until the guilty party could be arrested.

It’s the ideal example for citizens and police to come together to catch a suspect, and the inspiration for the creation of the Medina Alert. The Medina Alert is based on the Amber Alert, but modified to encourage citizens to report information on hit and runs that cause bodily injury or death.

Larry Stevenson, came up with the Medina Alert concept and together with Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey they put the bill before Colorado legislators. Join us this Saturday for a complete interview on the Medina Alert from it’s conception, to implementation, as well as the new Medina Alert phone app.  Learn how you can keep informed of unsolved cases and share information that could help catch the guilty.

MedinaAlert indexPlease download the Medina Alert app from the iPhone app store or Google Play on an Android phone – then stop by our Facebook page to tell us you installed the app on your phone. We would love to see how many people will choose to participate in justice this weekend!

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