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5/28/2014 12:43 PM
Laws on hospital links for abortion clinic doctors

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — Here's a look at states that have laws requiring abortion clinic doctors to obtain privileges to admit patients to local hospitals in order to perform the procedures. Critics say the aim is to outlaw abortions. Supporters say they are protecting women's health.

— Judges this year allowed the Texas law to take effect, and about one-third of the clinics there have closed — 19 of 33.

— The only states with laws that are in effect and have not been challenged in court are Tennessee and Utah.

— Judges have put laws on hold in Alabama, Mississippi, Kansas, North Dakota and Wisconsin. A federal trial over Alabama's law started May 19, and one over Wisconsin's law began Tuesday.

— Louisiana and Oklahoma are close to enacting laws.

— An admitting-privileges bill stalled in South Carolina this year, and one has been filed in Pennsylvania


Source: Center for Reproductive Rights.


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